░ Yamaha QY10 Sequencer │ ヤマハ・QYシリーズ ░

Site about Yamaha QY10 - some information, samples, overview, features. You can get the full manual here…. I do not actually know Japanese, just using g--gl- translate for the looks. Work in progress…

░ Description │ デスクリプション ░

Yamaha QY10 - hand-held music workstation produced by the Yamaha Corporation in the early 1990s. Possessing a MIDI sequencer, a tone generator and a compact single-octave keyboard, the portable and battery-powered QY10 enables a musician to compose music while traveling | WikiPedia…

░ Visual Overview │ ピクチャー ░

Yamaha QY10

░ Features │ オプション ░

░ Usage │ それの使い方 ░

Get 4 AA batteries. By some beer. Read the manual. Insert the batteries. Drink some beer. Turn on your QY10. Make some beats.

░ Issues │ やっかいなこと ░

Unfortuately some units, according to internets - mine too - has a problem with pattern saving. After changing the pattern, the voice assignement for the track is not saved… Why…? Is that supposed to be that way…? 😭

░ Samples │ サンプル ░

Sampled Drum Parts in Renoise Instrumet format here…

Samples in ZIP/WAV here…

░ Music │ ミュージック ░

QY10 Music made by others - ¨「HANG-ON」より「MAIN THEME」¨, ¨BigBeat1¨, ¨Cars¨ by GM, ¨The third step¨.

PROFILE │ To make simple, ligh site, that also usable on links/2 ░